Scanning Legal-Medical-HR

Scanning Legal-Medical-HR
Legal Documents (Including - HR - Medical)

We scan and deliver your legal documents.

Every client is different! We will quote your needs i.e. perhaps it is specific documentation, ongoing litigation files, all office files from past years or just a box of your favorites.

We can exchange your files via the Cloud, or provide secure exchange directly to the recipient or department contact.

Example: You may have documents for different departments. We can notify a “specific” recipient when the files are ready for delivery. Only this individual will be able to pick up files.

Based on your needs we can scan onsite or offsite. Confidential document shredding available.

HIPAA and FACTA compliant.

Brawand Purvis LLC has document storage available for Business Contingency Plans, File Recovery, or working access to files in the event of an emergency.