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Metering - Cutting Edge Patented Technology - Some of the brightest engineers have discovered a way to meter the invisible.

Now is ALWAYS a good time!

We have the ability to identify and meter usage. Peek into the future of technology with a brilliant way to allocate per moment, per dollar, per machine, per business unit or per program EXACTLY what your resources (infrastructure) costs. Better yet don't buy the new router, service provider, service or program until you give it a try.

Are you tired of paying for everyone's expenses? Our cloud enables reporting to pinpoint usage. Don't be fooled by people claiming to be the authority.

Someone really smart once told me that there is no meeting of the minds between the engineering and finance teams. Now I can claim correction for this misstatement because this is every accountants and engineers dream come true!

i.e. Accounting departments that lack engineering ability and no need to laugh, engineers who have no clue of costs. Decide for yourself by monitoring your entire infrastructure- perfectly appropriate.

What am I buying?

What is it? YOUR Cloud

How it works: Upon implementation you manage your Cloud it's that simple

What do you mean? You password, you provided your employees with their desktop login, using your engineers or ours. It's just YOURS - simple as that.

You can tell us to mind our own business...:) or we will help you.

You can work from your cloud any time of day or night 24/7 365 days. You can run your entire business from this cloud: programs i.e. QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and intercompany programs (or not) perhaps you just want to exchange files or store documents. Remember, it's YOUR Cloud!

How much can I store? The sky is the limit!

You pick your plan, that's right. YOU pick your plan and monitor your budget. Metering allows you to see real-time the capacity of your work. By monitoring usage in such detail you will be better able to save money by pinpointing the workloads. It is just thrilling nothing like it on the market.

Being finance professionals we realize that security, encryption, file password protection, historical data is just essential. Accounting (especially audit) professionals, Medical, HR and Legal business need paper documents, but hey it's time to upgrade. Scan those documents, lock them up, and get rid of those extra 10,000 feet of storage you pay for. can print them out, link to auditors, provide fast service all while providing levels of security controlled by YOU.

You can scan and upload, or we can quote the work.


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