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Medical Confidential Storage

Do you use Greeway? Allscripts? We can help!

HIPAA Compliant.

How many times do you want to tell the doctor what they could save if only they did not have to store 1,000 square feet of manila folders? I hate to think about alphabetizing all the old and new data. What about looking for a needle in a haystack? I love OCR readers for scanning. You can search anything instantly 24/7. Think about the future of medical records. Now is the time to downsize and modernize.

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Because each client has special needs we work with you on an individual basis to ensure security and fast service. Both onsite and offsite service is available. Licensed Insurance Representative for the TOP insurance company in the nation. We provide health insurance for business groups and individuals.

Emergency Business Backup of your files available upon request. (U.S. and Offshore locations) 24/7.