Item# smarterproctoring

BPLLC provides private up-scale proctoring. We love dogs seeing eye or other! Our facility is quite, handicapped accessible with no crowds. Sometimes adult learners would rather test in a more private climate. If this is us! We are kind, we smile, and we love all learners.


Making the proctoring process ORGANIZED for faculty, EASY for students, EFFICIENT for proctors and FREE for schools. Are you a distance learner? Smarterproctoring could be for you! The perfect testing center: Available through your instructor or independent tester using our code Proctor Search Id NA8QWH

Please call us if you need a special time not listed. We support local North Carolina Proctoring: NCSTATE, Meredith College, Peace, Duke, UNC, Strayer, Wesleyan, Campbell - Have your instructor add our code to his or her choices of proctors: Testing Center - Proctor Search Id NA8QWH