What we do!

Take Back YOUR BUSINESS. Quit letting technology dictate how YOU want to run your products and serv(ers)(ices). Do you have the wrong end of he stick?...we thought so.


BPLLC has the best global plan with engineers from tall places READY to help YOU with NEW solutions.

Confidential Cloud Storage and Exchange - U.S. and Offshore - Specializing in electronic storage of Legal,HR,Medical and Financial records. We comply with HIPAA, SEC and FINRA. Data Recovery, Exchange, Electronic Storage, IT Architecture.

IT Inventory Specialist - SOX Compliance Services. Do you know EXACTLY who accesses your equipment, and WHERE it is? We can help you find what you are looking for! Internal controls are essential.

Tax and Health Insurance Specialists

Business – Tax office Located in Raleigh’s historic Cameron Village. By Appointment.

We are today's technology - not yesterday's. NOW is always a good time to save money! ..."The TURNING POINT for any break through technology is often the dismissal of conventional wisdom."...