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Welcome To potty chat🌿🍂🌾 Patty Cake from FaceBack.

Patty Cake! "High Cloudy!" Hello, welcome would you like a drink and snacks? "Well, yes, of course!" Perfect Katy Cat will top us up 😉🙊🍂🌾🍸🍷🍷I prefer champagne, but will make an exception today, since you are the guest and all💋.

"Cloudy I just luv your blog!" Ahhhhhh, so sweet, let me intro you to Pal. He has a nice boat 😉.

Pal, dude whatup? Lettuce introduce you to Patty Cake! She's from FaceBack! "Hmmm, what does she do there?" Well, she's tak'n' care of security in her new position, ya know from overseas!"🙊

How great is that U.S. security con(trolls) from cross U.S.boarders, wow! "Cloudy, you mean they are taking our JOBS yet again to other countries, they said spending a good billion dollars....hmmm."

Pal, look lettuce not be negative we told her how nice you were, and did we say you had a big boat? (Katy?...oh forgot about that 🍷🍷🌾🌿) Opps.

"Hi Patty Cake, nice too meet you!" Did the girls tell you I have a big boat? 🙊🍷" "Yes, they did!" "Well, it's not that big, but it will get you there 🙊😉." "Will it make it to China?" "Oh ya that slow boat to China is not a problem." I too stash a lot of cash offshore."

......maybe we should pack it all up and move to a communist country, give it a try? I heard the pay is interesting. "No Cloudy, they only hire children not old people." "Sorry😉🙊."


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Teaser - Bad Bad Bandwidth 🙊😉💋